Managing your diet while eating out

Sep 24, 2021 | General

It is easier to stick to a diet when you are home. BUT most social occasions call us out of the home and limit our control. Dieting shouldn’t mean staying home and having no choices. We also (most of us) can’t afford to go off the deep end just because we are at a restaurant.

When you end up in a spot you were not prepared for and have to choose from the out-and-about places: 

  • Remember your goals
  • Weigh your options 
  • And choose wisely 

Helpful hints: 
Italian food – Always sub carbs (potatoes) with veggies. Don’t choose pasta.  No, you DO NOT HAVE TO eat pasta! Watch for added oils and ask that they be excluded. 

Mexican food – STAY AWAY FROM THE CHIPS.  Fajitas are a safe choice with corn tortillas.  Sorry, but avoid sour cream, cheese, and guacamole.  Salsa is fine.   Mexican restaurants are great for grilled proteins.  There really is no reason to forget your diet. 

Burger places – No bun. Sweet potato fries are better than regular but still a bad choice because of how they are cooked. If you go this route, 1/2 of the typical restaurant serving is a serving size. Order a salad (no ranch), or veggies to go with the burger. Even better if you get your burger bun-free.

Fast food: most places have a salad. Grilled chicken is a good choice. If they serve chicken sandwiches they have grilled chicken.  

Seafood restaurants – score!!!! They all have grilled fish. Order veggies instead of potatoes or rice. 

If you do order carbs with any meal eat half of what they bring you. Americans love food! Portion sizes are out of control. Typically, the carbs on your plate are worth two, sometimes three portions. Even some proteins can be two portions. A 12-oz steak is two portions.

Ask questions. Do the veggies have butter? If they do, ask them to hold the butter.  

Most restaurants will allow you to order grilled chicken and veggies, even if you don’t see it on the menu.  It’s rare that they don’t have chicken.  

ALWAYS ORDER WATER, COFFEE, OR UNSWEETENED TEA.  Sodas, even diet sodas, are silent killers.   

Stay focused!!!!!!    
You can eat out and still eat clean.